Classes I have taught

I began teaching in 1988 so I have taught many different classes since that time.

Some of the classes I have taught over the years include:

- Health and Gender

- Medical Sociology

- Social Inequality

- Sociology of Disability and Impairment

- Illness Narratives

- Sociology of Disability

- Postmodern Theory

- Body and Society

- Classical Theory

- ProSeminar

- Social Movements

- Social Psychology

- Classical Theory

- Research Methods



I'm committed to student success

I have supervised many undergraduate and graduate students as they give conference presentations. I've also provided opportunities for students to write articles in the newsletters of professional association.  As a part of my commitment to active learning, I have allowed some of my Masters students to work with me as I am writing  and have given them co-authorship.  

Current students

I am presently Chairing the committee of three Masters of Sociology students: Solomon Amoatey,  Edelweiss  Murillo Lafuente, and Angela Nieuwkoop.  Solomon's work involves researching disability in Ghana, Edelweiss is researching disability in Bolivia, and Angela is reseaarching the social determinants of cardiovascular disease in the U.S.

Their upcoming conference presentations

Solomon, Edelweiss and Angela will all be presenting at the Eastern Sociological Association conference in Boston in March.  Each of them will be giving two conference presentations of papers they have co-authored with me.

Past Students

I have supervised many students over the years. 

I will give you a sense of the  breath of their interests by listing some of them: 

- Ann Sifuentes: Homeless Veterans

- Anna Neller: Children of profound short stature

- Laurie Michaels: Farm Workers

- Peter Thomas: International students

- Aleiah Jones: Chirstian churches and sexuality

- Kristi Zeller: female student athletes who play basketball

- Joanna Murphy: The representation of fatness in 30 Rock

- Lisa Yost: Blindness

- Debbie Arbogast: Paralympics

- Terri Stibaner: American Sign Language interpreters