Photo of Julia Bahner


As Editor of the Routledge Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Series, I receive submissions from authors regularly, and often mentor the authors from the proposal stage through to publication.

Dr. Julia Bahner

For two years, I have been mentoring Dr. Julia Bahner, who was the Marie Curie   

Research Fellow at the Centre for Disability Studies, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds,  and has now been appointed Post Doctoral Fellow in the Social Work Department at Lund University in Sweden. 

Dr. Bahner is in the final stages of writing her book,  "Sexual Citizenship and Disability: Implications for Theory, Practice and Policy." 

Julia Bahner's recent publications include:


Bahner J. 2019. The Intimate Lives of Disabled People. Sexualities. 22(4), pp. 734-735 

Bahner J. 2019. Mapping the terrain of disability and sexuality: from policy to practice. Ars Vivendi Journal. 11(March 2019), pp. 27-47 

Bahner J, Stenqvist K. Motivational Interviewing as Evidence-Based Practice? An Example from Sexual Risk Reduction Interventions Targeting Adolescents and Young Adults. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. 

Bahner J. 2018. Cripping sex education: lessons learned from a programme aimed at young people with mobility impairments. Sex Education. 18(6), pp. 650-654 

Image on left:  headshot of Dr. Julia Bahner. Photo by  Joakim K E Johansson. 


Current students


I am presently Chairing the committee of three Masters of Sociology students: Solomon Amoatey,  Edelweiss  Murillo Lafuente, and Angela Nieuwkoop. Solomon's work involves researching disability in Ghana, Edelweiss is researching disability in Bolivia, and Angela is researching the social determinants of cardiovascular disease in the U.S.  I presented two papers at the Eastern Sociological Society meeting in Boston in March 2019, and co-wrote two papers with each of Solomon, Edelweiss , Angela (8 papers in total for the conference). 

Past Students

I have supervised many students over the years.  I will give you a sense of the  breadth of their interests by listing some of them: 

- Ann Sifuentes: Homeless Veterans

- Anna Neller: Children of profound short stature

- Laurie Michaels: Farm Workers

- Peter Thomas: International students

- Aleiah Jones: Christian churches and sexuality

- Kristi Zeller: Female student athletes who play basketball

- Joanna Murphy: The representation of fatness in 30 Rock

- Lisa Yost: Blindness

- Debbie Arbogast: Paralympics

- Terri Stibaner: American Sign Language interpreters


I have organized many internships for my students.  For a few years, I was responsible for organizing internships for University of Toledo students at the Office of the Mayor of Toledo. I have also organized internships with other local government agencies, as well as community service groups.