Current Work

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Sociology of Impairment book

I am writing a book which aims to provide a social model of impairment (as distinct from a social  model of disability). This will be published by Routledge.

Edited Disability Hate Speech Book

I am co-editing a book called "Disability Hate Speech"  alongside Terje Olsen,  John E. Eriksen  and Janikke S. Vedeler (all from Nordland Research Institute, Norway).  We have jointly written the Introduction, and I am also co-authoring a chapter on an Australian campaign against the R-word with Julia Hawkins.

Disability Hate Crime article

I am currently writing an article on disability hate crime, focusing on some successfully prosecuted cases.

Sex Trafficking, Activism and Disability

I have written a chapter entitled "Sex Trafficking, Activism and Disability" for a forthcoming book edited by Karen Soldatic and Kelley Johnson  entitled "Disability, Activism and Advocacy."

Brain Injury Article

I have written an article on brain injury for the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies entitled "Brain Injury Survivors: Impairment, identity and neoliberalism." It has been accepted and will come out in the Fall.