Current Writing Projects

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Sociology of Impairment book

I am writing a book which aims to provide a social model of impairment (as distinct from a social  model of disability). This will be published by Routledge.

Edited Disability Hate Speech Book

I am co-editing a book called "Disability Hate Speech"  alongside Terje Olsen,  John E. Eriksen  and Janikke S. Vedeler (all from Nordland Research Institute, Norway).  We have jointly written the Introduction, and I am also co-authoring a chapter on an Australian campaign against the R-word with Julia Hawkins.

Disability Hate Crime article

I am currently co-writing an article on disability hate crime alongside Prof. Hab Beata Borowska-Beszta, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland.

Sex Trafficking, Activism and Disability

I have written a chapter entitled "Sex Trafficking, Activism and Disability" for a forthcoming book edited by Karen Soldatic and Kelley Johnson  entitled "Disability, Activism and Advocacy."

Review of "Disability and Masculinities"

You can find my recent review of "Disability and Masculinities" in Disability and Society here

Brain Injury Article

I have written an article on brain injury for the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies entitled "Brain Injury Survivors: Impairment, identity and neoliberalism." It has been accepted and will come out in the Fall.